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Take an underground tunnel & bunker tour at Fort Wynyard

Tunnel & Bunker Tour

Discover the hidden secrets underground an old Fort from 1795 in Cape Town. Explore the Tunnels and Bunkers, and enter a decommissioned ammunition Magazine. See the workings of ammunition lifts as well the only disappearing gun in South Africa. Enjoy refreshments after the Tour at the "Sergeants Bar" and learn about the Secret Radar Stations, and German U-boats that sunk over 100000 Tons of shipping in the Cape Waters.

Take a Ghost tour at Fort Wynyard

Ghost Tour at Fort Wynyard

Enjoy a tour around one of Cape Town's most paranormally active locations and hear tales of strange occurrences in the 222-year history of an old historic Fort. The tour will take you to the upper and underground sections of the old Fort where tales of the area will be told whilst taking in the stunning views over Table Bay and to Table Mountain in the backdrop.

Take a Hydrological Heritage Tour of Cape Town

Cape Town Water Tour

V&A Waterfront Desalination Plant RO Filtration, Green Point Sewer Pump Station 1895, Green Point Eco-Park- 2011 Water and History, The Scenic Coastal Route-Atlantic Marine Life, Table Mountain Tunnels and Dams, Kloofnek Filtration Plant 1934, Molteno Reservoir 1877, Main Spring 1686 Stadsfontein Vault 1813, Platteklip River Capel Sluit Tunnel 1838, Castle of Good Hope (Tunnel Manhole, Tavern of the Seas)

Take a Table Mountain Platteklip Trail Tour of Cape Town

Table Mountain Platteklip Trail Tour

An exciting historical walk combined with a touch of Adventure on the oldest route below the slopes Table Mountain - the Gateway to one of the 7 natural wonders of the World. Explore the River that shaped South Africa, and learn about the life-giving streams that emerge from the Mountain that rises out of the Sea.

Take a tunnel tour beneath Cape Town

Tunnel Adventure Tour (By appointment only)

Discover the Secret Tunnels below the City of Cape Town. Forgotten since 1895 keeping its adventures to it's self. Now you can have the historical adventure of a lifetime and discover these tunnels that lead all the way from the foot of Table Mountain to the Castle of Good Hope. You guarantied a thrilling experience and adventure.

Adventure Bicycle Cycling Tour near Cape Town

Bicycle Family Tour

There are 3 majestic routes to choose from ranging from 8 to 16 km. If fresh air and nature is your adventure and have legs for a relaxing cycle then discover what Cape Town, Blaauwberg and the Nature Reserve have to offer you. Enjoy this perfect time out with the whole family and learn a little history at the same time.

Adventure Snorking Tour near Cape Town

Snorkeling Adventure Tour

If you feel you belong under the water and not on dry land then do we have the adventure for you. With the Indian and Atlantic oceans at our doorstep we have so much for you to see and experience. Discover the hidden reefs and rock pools along with learning about the colourful creatures that live inside them.

Adventure Hiking & Walking Tour near Cape Town

Hiking Tour

If you like most people you will definitely enjoy a scenic guided hike through natures reserves, across beautiful untouched beaches. Experience the delight of breathtaking beds of flowers and enjoying an evening in a rustic cottage before embracing the further adventure of nature. Easy relaxed pace hike that will rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

Adventure The Milnerton Meander near Cape Town

The Milnerton Meander Tour

On this day you can experience the Beach with all your senses: relaxation through hearing, touch, smell, taste... The relaxation guide, beach and water enthusiast, Matt Weisse, invites you to join him. “Strandloper” originally comes from the Khoiikhoi who used to live, hunt and gather food along the beaches. This term refers to a stay on the beach that is intended to appeal to all the senses.

Adventure Kite & Buggy Tour near Cape Town

Kite & Buggy Adventure Tour

If you are an "adrenaline junkie" and looking for something new and exiting to do then you have to try a wind powered beach buggy and sail across the white sands of our beaches. With various options to choose from, such as 2 or 4 line kiting or a kite buggy you are sure the experience the speed and exhilaration you looking for.