Adventure Hiking & Walking Tour near Cape Town

Adventure Hiking (Walking) Tour

The Castle Night Tour

Follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, the Slaves, Sailors, San and many others.

Explore the secret passages, dungeons and torture chambers at the historical Castle of Good Hope at night.
The tour will take you through the lower and upper ramparts of the Castle where tales of the area will be told whilst taking in the stunning views of the City lights with Table Mountain (our wonder of the world) in the backdrop.

Tour routes and times may vary subject to weather, restoration work and safety reasons.

Dungeon Platters and Refreshments before and after the tour are available on request.

A headlamp and batteries (or R100 to buy a kit). A warm jacket for those chilly dark areas and a sense of adventure for amazement.

Group booking only. Cost depends on the group size. Free onsite parking. Booking well in advance is essential.

Adventure Hiking & Walking Tour near Cape Town Adventure Hike Legend Tour Adventure Hike Washerwoman Tour Adventure Nature Walk


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Tour Languages

South African German American British


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