The Milnerton Meander Tour near Cape Town

The Milnerton Meander Tour

Experience the Beach with all your senses

On this day you can experience the Beach with all your senses: relaxation through hearing, touch, smell, taste... The relaxation guide, beach and water enthusiast, Matt Weisse, invites you to join him. “Strandloper” originally comes from the Khoiikhoi who used to live, hunt and gather food along the beaches. This term refers to a stay on the beach that is intended to appeal to all the senses.

"Strandloping" is characterized by slowness and discovering the beach with all senses. You may get sandy hands, wet feet or dodge the water washing onto the shoreline and take a "souvenir" from the beach with you. Sitting in stillness and listening to the lapping waves, participants will forget the stress of everyday life for a short time. The “Strandloping” appeals to body, mind and soul and depending on the open-mindedness of the individual, a memory will remain which can be repeated or extended.

In addition, “Strandloping” is a walking tour not characterised by conversation and entertainment, and without goal achievement and kilometre-oriented leisure activities. For this reason, the conversation will be kept to a minimum. It is also not an instructive, scientific excursion. Of course, before and after the “Strandloping” there will be the possibility of explanations and questions.

The "Strandloping" takes about two hours over a distance of about four kilometres and takes place in all weather conditions. The equipment required is outdoor dress according to the weather conditions, drinks and a towel for wet feet or a dip into the salty Atlantic. We cater for groups as well as individual private experiences. Ps. do switch your Cell phone off.

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