Adventure Hiking & Walking Tour near Cape Town

Adventure Hiking (Walking) Tour

The Black Mussel Trail

A slack packing Coastal Trail 45 minutes from Cape Town.

Discover ancient Archaeological sites, traces of early Stone Age Man and Strandlopers from the ancient beach wanderers. Enjoy the whales and abundance of wild flowers in season. Swim in secluded Coves and stroll along beaches with no foot prints. Gaze at Cape Zebra, Ostrich, Eland, Springbok, Eland, Birds, Seals and many more. A feast for the eyes and to refresh your soul.

You only have to carry a small day pack. The rest is supplied. Your luggage is shuttled and the meals are delicious.

The trail is mostly 90% easy walking along footpaths, old jeep tracks, unspoilt beaches and coastal rock formations.

Accommodation is in rustic cottages equipped with kitchen, bathroom, lounge and bedrooms with bunkbeds.

The Weather conditions are mostly cold at night, misty mornings, hot days and lots of wind in Summer but Lekker.

2 Days of 15 kms each day (about 30 kms in total)

Part of this coastal hike can also be done on a one day hike excluding the accommodation and slack packing. Just bring your picnic and enjoy.

Start Point:
Koeberg Nature Reserve

End Point:
Silverstroom Strand, Ganze Kraal, Grotto Bay or in reverse

Prices and the duration of the Tour are flexible.

What is included in the 2 day Hike:
Rustic accommodation, Dinner, Breakfast, professional guide, luggage and personal shuttle

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Tour Languages

South African German American British


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