Adventure Sandboarding Tour near Cape Town

Adventure Sandboarding Tour

Sandboarding and Tobogganing in Cape Town (Atlantis). A great fun outdoor adventure for the family and children. My outings are affordable and I also do birthday parties including kids games and transport into the sand dunes.

Sandboarding Trips are 45 minutes drive out of Cape Town into the Atlantis Dune Fields where you can enjoy pure nature, fine sand with slow gentle to fast steep slopes. Experience the thrill of surfing down the dunes on a duneboard either standing, sitting or lying down.

We also provide transport of equipment by 4 x 4 into the Dunes, lots of shade, and water.

Dress as if you are going to the beach. Wear your older clothes as we use a bit of polish/wax on the boards and you may not want to get wax on your clothing

Go for a refreshing swim at the Melkbosstrand Olympic size public swimming pool at the entrance to the Ou Skip caravan park after sandboarding, R15 entrance. (Ou Skip)

Bookings are essential

Sandboarding gear
Transport of equipment into the Dunes.
An amazing time.

Bring with:
Sunhat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Comfy Shoes and Camera

Sandboarding resembles snowboarding as seen through amber glasses. The general idea is the same; participants strap a short board to their feet and slide down a hill, only in this case the surface is sand rather than snow. Sandboarders sometimes say the experience is more like surfing than snowboarding, an impression undoubtedly enhanced by the lack of heavy clothing. As in snowboarding, the sport is sometimes recreational, sometimes competitive; some participants focus mainly on speed, others on acrobatics and tricks. But one of the biggest differences is that sand dunes don’t have lifts; to get to the top for a run, you must hike or take a fourwheeldrive vehicle (euphemistically known as a “chair lift”)—and a friend to drive it back down the hill. Unlike snowcovered mountains, sand dunes are constantly changing size and shape due to shifting winds, making fixed installations of lift equipment impossible.

The sandboards themselves are superficially very similar to snowboards, which is to say they’re about the same size and shape, and use similar bindings. However, since sand is much more abrasive, and with much higher friction than snow, some modifications are necessary to keep the boards running smoothly and to keep them from getting chewed up rapidly. The bottom surface of most sandboards is covered with a tougher, more slippery material than wood — often Formica or ABS plastic, though stainless steel is sometimes used as well. The choice of material must be matched to both the type of sand on which it will be used and the intended effect (lighter materials for acrobatics, slipperier ones for speed). Some riders wax their boards to reduce friction further and prolong the life of the board, but even under the best conditions sandboards wear out even more quickly than snowboards.

We have 16 Duneboards to choose from for standing, sitting or lying down on. They come in different sizes, bottoms and bindings to suit all ages and needs.

Adventure Sandboarding Tour near Cape Town


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