Adventure Snorking Tour near Cape Town

Adventure Snorkeling Tour

Safe and easy Snorkelling trips around Cape Town

Float on a Body board and see what is below or glide through the Kelp Forest using its stems to pull you through the water. Feel like a Seal as your wetsuit will keep you floating like a cork. Enjoy the motion of the swell and the waves as you relax and breathe slowly.

Then let the Adventure begin and explore the sheltered Cape Coastal Rock Pools, Kelp Forests, Rock Lobster and many colourful creatures living between the crevices. Learn about Anemones, Black Mussels, Abalone, Crabs, Corals, Sea Shells and many other interesting organisms.

Let us show you the part of the Cape that few know about, with a guided and detailed tour of our colourful reefs and natural rock pools. With our 2 oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic, we have a great variety of sea life and many interesting dive sites.

In season we can also provide you with a fishing permit and teach you how to catch your own Rock Lobster and collect Black and White Mussels.

You get to snorkel in and around the oceans of Cape Town and its surroundings. Seasonal and dependent on the weather.

A rejuvenating experience which will clear your lungs, and make you breath again.

Bookings are essential

Snorkeling gear
Transport to and from the dive site can be arranged
A rejuvenating experience which will clear your lungs, and make you breath again.

Maximum or 4 per tour


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Tour Languages

South African German American British


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