Adventure Hiking & Walking Tour near Cape Town

Adventure Hiking (Walking) Tour

Nature Walks & Hiking

Take home the best photographs whilst walking through our mountains, forests, along beaches and streams. There are many interesting animals and plants to be seen in the nature reserves. Follow the trails through our fauna and flora and biodiversity of Table Mountain, Lions Head, Kirstenbosch just to name a view.

There are a few experiences that beat walking in the Cape and to explore nature close up. There are animals and plants that occur nowhere else in the world and it is a privilege to take memories and photographs of these wonders.

We offer short walks from half day to full day hiking tours to some of the best Nature Reserves close to the City.

1. Table Mountain routes
Contour path
Pipe track
Lions Head
Top of the Table

2. Lagoon Beach - Dolphin Beach – Blaauwbergstrand
Come and enjoy long Beach walks with clear air and lots of fresh wind. Look at beautiful shells and treasures that have been washed ashore. Hear the sound of the waves, seabirds and let the cold Atlantic refresh your soul. See Whales, Seals and Dolphins and Wildflowers on the Dunes in season. Walk any distance one-way and then take a leisurely trip back to Cape Town with the new Bus Rapid Transport system.

3. Koeberg Nature Reserve
Koeberg Nature Reserve offers untouched Dunes that were formed ca. 100000 years ago. There are long sandy beaches with no footprints. Outdoor enthusiasts will get a first-hand glimpse of the plant and animal life such as Springbok, Bontebok, Eland, Impala and Zebra. Bird lovers will relish the variety of bird life found here. If one looks carefully reptiles can also be observed first-hand such as the Cape Cobra, Mole Snake and Angulated tortoise.

4. Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve
Paarl Mountain reaches an altitude of 654m and is especially noted for the enormous granite rocks known as Paarl, Bretagne and Gordon Rocks. On a clear day the visitor is rewarded with stunning views over False Bay, Table Bay, Table Mountain and the Boland Mountains. Their age is estimated at 500 million years and what is visible today has been exposed by erosion. A network of paths make it an ideal area in which to walk.

5. Tygerberg Nature Reserve
Tygerberg Nature Reserve, spanning 278ha, protects the threatened West Coast renosters veld, coastal and mountain fynbos. It has more than 7 km of walking trails and is a bird lover’s paradise, with a total of 130 bird species. Walk on top and enjoy breathtaking views of Table Mountain, Robben Island, Table Bay, False Bay and the Boland Mountains. Visit a Wine farm for Lunch or go on a game-drive at Clara Anna Fontein.

We also offer other hikes and walks to suit your needs.

Rates for Hiking depend on distance and time travelled as well as group size.

Adventure Hiking & Walking Tour near Cape Town Adventure Castle at Night Adventure Hike Legend Tour Adventure Hike Washerwoman Tour


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